[taɪm] noun I
1) [U] the quantity that is measured in minutes, hours, days, years etc
Einstein tried to define the relationship between space and time.[/ex]
Time seemed to pass more quickly than before.[/ex]
2) [singular/U] the hours, minutes etc as shown on a clock
Do you know what time it is?[/ex]
What time does the show start?[/ex]
Can your daughter tell the time yet (= is she able to say what time is shown on a clock)?[/ex]
3) [C/U] a particular period of minutes, hours, days, years etc
She thought about it for a long time.[/ex]
She left a short time ago.[/ex]
How much time did it take to get here?[/ex]
I've been thinking of changing my job for some time (= for a fairly long time).[/ex]
There have been improvements in the length of time patients have to wait for treatment.[/ex]
4) [C] an occasion on which you do something or on which something happens
It was the first time we'd met.[/ex]
The next time you need financial advice, come and see me.[/ex]
Did you have a good time at camp?[/ex]
5) [singular/U] the moment or situation when something happens
I was still living with my parents at that time.[/ex]
By the time we arrived, the other guests were already there.[/ex]
When would be a good time to discuss the proposal?[/ex]
It seemed like the right time to make the change.[/ex]
6) [U] the particular point when something should happen
Is it closing time already?[/ex]
Come on, everyone. It's time for dinner.[/ex]
Did your plane arrive on time?[/ex]
It's time you children went to bed.[/ex]
7) [U] time that you have available for doing something in
She will have less time to spend with family and friends now.[/ex]
Come and see me next week, if you get the time.[/ex]
I should be able to find time to phone him tomorrow.[/ex]
8) [C] a period in history or in someone's life
The fort was built in Roman times.[/ex]
a time of political instability[/ex]
I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a teacher.[/ex]
9) [C] the amount of time that someone takes to finish a race
She's cut two seconds off her previous best time.[/ex]
about time — 1) spokenused for showing that you are annoyed because something has happened later than it should[/ex]
Here they are, and about time too.[/ex]

— 2) used for saying that someone should do something soon

Isn't it about time we got a new car?[/ex]
ahead of time — at an earlier time than people expected[/ex]
ahead of your/its etc time — much more modern or advanced than most other people or things[/ex]
As an artist, he was years ahead of his time.[/ex]
all the time — 1) often[/ex]
It's a very good restaurant. We go there all the time.[/ex]

— 2) continuously

It rained all the time they were there.[/ex]
at a time — used for saying how many things there are in each group or on each occasion[/ex]
Deal with each question separately, one at a time.[/ex]
at all timesformal always[/ex]
Please keep your bags with you at all times.[/ex]
at one time — in the past, but not now[/ex]
At one time, that kind of thing would have made me really angry.[/ex]
at times — sometimes but not often[/ex]
She was fun to be with at times.[/ex]
before your time — used for saying that you are too young to remember something[/ex]
These styles were a bit before my time.[/ex]
for days/weeks etc at a time — continuously for a period of several days/weeks etc[/ex]
for the time being — at the present time, but not permanently[/ex]
from time to time — sometimes, but not often[/ex]
have no time for — to dislike someone or something[/ex]
in no time (at all); in next to no time — very soon or very quickly[/ex]
in time — 1) early enough to do something[/ex]
I want to be home in time for dinner.[/ex]
We got to the airport just in time.[/ex]
in time to do sth Luckily, they got there in time to warn him about what had happened.[/ex]

— 2) after a fairly long period of time

He'll forget about it in time.[/ex]
most of the time — usually, or very often[/ex]
of all time — used for talking about people or things that are better than all others that have existed[/ex]
the greatest boxer of all time[/ex]
take your time — 1) to spend too much time doing something[/ex]
They're taking their time over that report, aren't they?[/ex]

— 2) spokenused for telling someone that they do not need to hurry

You don't have to do everything at once. Just take your time.[/ex]
time after time; time and again — happening so often that you become annoyed[/ex]
hard I
verb [T]
time [taɪm]
1) to arrange something so that it happens at a particular time
The exhibition has been timed to coincide with the publication of her new book.[/ex]
2) to use a clock to measure how long something takes or how often something happens
a simple device for timing the human heartbeat[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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